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Cutting Edge Cloud-based VoIP Services

Solutiant Is Providing Its Customers With the Cutting Edge Cloud-based VoIP Services to Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

In every business, communication is the key to growth and prosperity. In fact, according to modern studies in Organizational Behavior, it is declared that “Communication is the lifeblood of every organization.” This shows the importance of communication whether from employee to employee, management to employees, top level to management or company to the customers. Since businesses have grown to a level where day to day meetings are held over phone calls, smooth and effective VoIP services are needed more than ever. These calls need to be free from the limitations and costs of typical business phone systems. This is where Solutiant shines with its cutting-edge cloud-based voice managed services.

E-cloud technology has revolutionized businesses, allowing not only improved communications but also cost-effectiveness. Studies have shown VoIP technology aids in the increased efficiency of employees, reliability, and redundancy of telecommunication services and the security that every business needs. Solutiant provides the cloud-based technology with the help of one of its supplier Star2Star. Key benefits of using the cloud-based communication solution by Star2Star are:

  • It connects different locations to one system which means one account will be shared by all employees.
  • Smartphones can be integrated with the cloud software making them full-fledged extensions which controls Bring Your Own Device policies. 
  • Calls can be automatically redirected to personal phones so there will be no communication gap.
  • Call anywhere in the country with a local area code.
  • Encompasses advanced features like voice call, fax, video call, conferencing, chat, presence management and more.
  • Free automatic upgrade of software.

Star2Star also provides the StarRecovery solution that ensures seamless communication even when a disaster strikes and all modes of communication are down. Star2Star takes every precaution to make sure YOUR business can stay in touch with their important contacts even when there is a downtime.

This solution is not just disaster proof but also budget-friendly. Considering the plethora of benefits that businesses will get from this solution, they will be able to save up to 50% costs that would have incurred without this solution. With the cloud communication solution, businesses from small to enterprise will get cost-saving benefits like line pooling, energy-efficient hardware, low-cost models, free next day replacement parts, leasing options, and low upfront costs.

To know more about the company or to procure their services, contact them via (864) 297-4400 or visit their website www.solutiant.com.

More About Solutiant

Since 1981, TELECO has been providing sales, maintenance, and break-fix services for telephone systems, and over the years we have added additional products and services including IT Data Networks, Cloud Voice, Data Security and Backups, Office 365 and Email Hosting, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Security. They re-branded their name to Solutiant. Solutiant, a division of TELECO, is an industry leader in technology infrastructure. Their mission is to be a trusted business solution partner providing true managed services that align with the vision of our customers.

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