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Fight Phishing and Other Potentially Devastating Cyber Threats

You may already know about phishing by now. This is a scam conducted with the use of emails. Hackers try to trick you into giving up your sensitive data like credit card information or valuable passwords either by asking you to click on a link or by installing something in your computer. Some people who have no awareness about phishing give up their personal information just by seeing the email as the hackers sometimes pose as an authoritative institute like your bank. But, if you have an email security solution and awareness about phishing, you can easily tackle the situation. Have a look at how you can recognize phishing:

How to Recognize Phishing?

There are various parts of an unknown email that you can look at and quickly recognize a potential phishing email, have a look at them below:

  • Missing Name: The first thing that you can look for in a potential phishing email is your own Often times, the hackers don’t know your name and they send a generic email to you. Or, they may be sending the email to several other people at the same time so they cannot use the name of any one person.
  • Mistakes in Grammar and Spelling: You may see a few spelling mistakes or maybe the use of bad grammar.
  • Hidden Threat: The email may have a hidden threat like “your bank account will be suspended.”
  • Asking for Personal Information: They may ask for personal information in exchange for not taking any action against you like “we will suspend your bank account if you don’t reply with your credit card ”
  • Links in Email: The email may also have one or more links. You will be asked to click on them, never ever click on any link.

These are some things you can look in an email and if these things are there, never respond to such email, instead, report it. However, some hackers may send very believable emails, and you may not be able to recognize them, so it is better to have a security solution installed.

Some Safety Tips:

Hackers can use several ways to attack an individual through email, and an email security solution is the only way of being safe. However, there are a few precautions that you can take to be safe from phishing scams:

  • Think Before You Act: If you receive an email from an unknown sender and it has an attachment, a form to fill out, or any links, stop for a few seconds and think whether you should respond or not. You may be giving out your valuable information through the form or maybe installing a Ransomware by opening the attachment.
  • Inspect The Links and Anchor Texts: If there is a link or anchor text present in the text which usually is, you should first examine it to see where it will take you. Just hover your mouse cursor over the anchor text/link, and you will see the actual link in the status bar of the browser. Or, you can also right click on the anchor text/link and click “copy link location” and paste it in the notepad to see the actual link.
  • Don’t Respond to The Emails: If you get an email that is from an unknown sender and you are not sure whether to open it or not, it is always safe to not respond to such emails. Just report it to the cybercrime.
  • Maintain Security Hygiene: One of the most important things that you should do ASAP is to maintain proper security hygiene. This means that you need to add email security to your email platforms. This is the most crucial thing when it comes to saving yourself from being the victim of phishing. You can get full protection from a well-reputed phishing protection software like Solutiant Essentials.

Solutiant Can Protect You:

Phishing is a decades-old practice, and it is still going strong and more dangerous than ever. Phishing does not just impact people financially, it can destroy lives. And in present times, 91% of the cyber-attacks start with an email. Therefore, you need to add an extra layer of security to your email platforms so you don’t fall victim to phishing. And Solutiant provides airtight email security and archiving through Solutiant Essentials from Barracuda. It is a cloud-based multi-layer email security solution with an added Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) solution providing you with a total package for all of your email security needs.

Solutiant can protect you and your users from malware and spam, and with the use of Advanced Threat Protection, it will defend you against ransomware and zero-day attacks. Solutiant Essentials provides security from a wide range of threats that many ‘advanced’ internet security solutions don’t even detect. The multi-layer security and archiving solution can provide solid protection to you and your organization whether you are using the on-premises emails such as Microsoft Exchange or a cloud-based productivity suite like the Google Apps. Moreover, it ensures that all of your emails sent or received are accurate and unmodified.

Defend Your Business against Social-Engineering Attacks With Barracuda PhishLine:

With the use of Barracuda PhishLine, you can guard your business and employees against the regularly evolving attacking techniques. With the use of modern technology, hackers can easily fool employees and put your business at risk for financial fraud, embarrassing exposure and data loss that can be sold to competitors. Furthermore, sensitive data like customer’s credit card information can also be stolen with phishing and ultimately you will be held responsible.

So why take that risk when you can guard your business against every facet of social-engineering threats with the regular simulation and employee training. PhishLine will help you with a range of patented and highly variable attack simulations that include phishing, vishing, smishing and the found physical media. Your employees can learn to recognize all these scams and tackle them without causing any loss to the business.

Over To You:

Solutiant will protect your business with its email security solution while also training your employees how to recognize phishing and other types of scams and deal with them. Our solution includes Barracuda Sentinel that, with the use of AI, will filter out the phishing emails. While the Barracuda Essentials will add comprehensive email security, archiving, backup and data loss protection along with the recovery of every file and email.

Contact us now and discover how Solutiant can help you protect your business, users, employees and networks from huge financial losses by making a small investment in our high-tech email security solution; Solutiant Essentials and Barracuda.

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