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Is technology hurting your business instead of helping it? Then it’s time you called Solutiant, your technology solution partner. If you’re a business in upstate South Carolina, managed IT services by Solutiant is the best way to offload IT operations. We take the time to get to know our clients, their environments, and their business needs to design solutions that work now and for years to come.

Our comprehensive managed services are a fixed-rate month to month IT support program—including 24/7 monitoring, preventative maintenance, and proactive IT solutions—that ensures consistent uptime for your business.

What We Do

Managed IT Services
IT Consulting Services
Cloud IT Solutions
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Network Cabling & Wiring

Wireless Network Deployment
Network Support and Security / Firewall
Email Security Services / Spam Management
Email, Web, and Domain Solutions
Server Management
Voice – Access Control - Video

Solutiant offers you:

Expert IT support
FREE, no-obligation consultation
NO long-term commitments
Dependable, professional service
Explanation in English (No Geek speak)
24x7 support desk
. . . and LOTS more!

Managed IT Services
Remote Monitoring and Management

A proactive approach to technology and infrastructure management.

We’ll Worry about Technology – You Can Focus on Your Business

If there’s one certainty in IT, it’s that things are uncertain. Computers crash, software doesn’t work as it should, and problems occur. And when they do, the way that you respond can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a full-blown business interruption. Are you leaving IT to chance?

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We make sure the little problems do not become big ones.


Project Consulting – Get the expert advice you seek. Expand your business and reduce costs with the flexibility of our IT consulting services. Our team will work by your side to fully understand your organization and goals. We then provide you with a detailed plan and timeline to ensure we meet your project needs while staying within budget. Once the project is complete, our team provides support for your users to ensure they’re always able to work without interruption.

What can you expect?

Peace of Mind – 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure consistent uptime.

Less Downtime – We’ll anticipate failures before they happen and proactively resolve them so they don’t affect your business.

Fewer Disruptions – Maintenance services can be performed remotely, and overnight, so you can focus on your business, not on IT.

Predictable Budgeting – Our all-inclusive IT services are a fixed price so you’ll pay the same amount each month as we earn your business month-to-month. NO long-term contracts.

Leverage Technology Better – We’ll provide insight as to how to improve your systems so your business is always on top.

Professional, Certified Experts Supporting Your Business

Solutiant Help Desk is an extension of our RMM program, so you can focus more on growing your business.

Full Problem Resolution & Expert Customer Service

In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. And without proper technical support in place, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt—and potentially damaging—halt.

Proactive Care & Maintenance

Not every support issue can be called a catastrophe . . . until it prevents you from being able to do your job. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve, so when you call to report an issue, there’s a good chance we’re already aware of the problem you’re experiencing—and are actively working to resolve it.

Peace of Mind and Support When You Need It

For many businesses, IT support is little more than an afterthought—and it’s not until a problem prevents people from doing their jobs that anyone realizes proper tech support isn’t in place. Solutiant Help Desk is designed for one thing only—to provide best-in-class service and support to our clients, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the right help is just a phone call away. Solutiant Help Desk technicians can be contacted via phone, email or even web-based chat so your employees can get the help they need quickly.  Contact us today to learn more!

How to Use Help Desk – Contact Us
What is Help Desk?

Network Security

Your network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure. Having a secure and properly maintained network is critical to your business operations. We provide network security that includes router and firewall configuration, managed switch installation, wireless access point deployment, as well as data and voice network cabling. Properly securing your network involves sophisticated security testing and hardening to protect your data and your user’s privacy.

Solutiant provides a Total Threat Protection by securing all your threat vectors—email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile internet, and network perimeters. Our complete family of solutions work together to help you detect, prevent, and recover from zero day, advanced malware, automated threats, ransomware, and other attacks.

Multiple layers of security to protect your business and data.

SOLUTIANT Next-Generation Firewall from Barracuda is designed and built from the ground up to provide comprehensive, next-generation firewall capabilities.

Managed switches, routers and access points available from Netgear, Cisco and Engenius Technologies.

Wireless Network Deployment – There is nothing worse than a spotty wireless network. You require consistent, secure connectivity throughout your facilities so users can access company resources and work efficiently without interruption. We specialize in deploying a proven wireless connectivity system at an affordable price. Whether you’re a small, growing business that requires one access point or a large company with multiple locations, we’ll execute a top-quality solution.

Data Protection Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions secures your data.

What’s the cost of not having disaster recovery services? Technology failures happen and just like a natural disaster, you must have a continuity plan. Your data needs to be properly backed up—both on premise at your place of business and off-site in a cloud environment. Additionally, you’ll need to test backups regularly. Our team will help you architect the right backup solution, implement it properly with monitoring and notifications, and resolve issues as they occur.

SOLUTIANT Backup Appliance from Barracuda – Barracuda Backup makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever for you to protect all your data from cybercriminals, natural disasters, hardware failures, and more. Physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS—a single, integrated solution keeps all your data safe. Backup does not have to be difficult and expensive. No expensive device to purchase.

SIRIS 3 from DATTO – Total data protection platform delivered in one integrated package. Easily protect any physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and spin up lost servers in seconds without the need for additional tools.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

File Sharing and Collaboration

Enterprise Grade File, Sync, and Share

Security, Mobility & Collaboration – A Solution Built for Business

Your FSS business solution should provide the security, mobility, and control your organization needs to feel confident when accessing and sharing critical business information and collaborating amongst internal and third party team members. In today’s interconnected world, security is the number one concern.

According to Globalscape, "45% of businesses use 'consumer cloud' sites…to share sensitive business information." If this is happening in your organization, then you are at risk. Datto | Autotask Workplace™ (AWP) is a proven FSS solution built for the needs of today’s mobile business environment and focuses on three pillars of unprecedented strength:

Mobility & Accessibility

AWP is helping organizations of all sizes fully exploit the power of its laptops and smart devices.

  • Transform tablets and smartphones into reliable alternatives to getting business done.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to current versions of business content empowers good decisions.

Business Collaboration

AWP is flexible and open, designed for the specific needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes where control and management of cloud services is critical to maintaining business operations. With AWP’s policy-based controls, you can provide secure access for employees and outside resources to work together on projects. AWP takes collaboration to a whole new level with real-time access and editing capabilities.

Enterprise Grade Security

Critical business content needs to be secure always.

  • AWP is an enterprise-grade cloud based service that has 99.9% uptime with stringent levels of security certifications including HIPAA, SSAE-16, and SOC1 Type II compliance.
  • With geo redundant data centers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Canada, Datto adheres to local regulations for data in major regions of the world.

Workplace Online

AWP’s browser independent web interface provides access to administrative functions as well as secure access to files and folders stored and shared via the AWP service.

Workplace Desktop for Windows and Mac

The desktop agent runs silently in the background, ensuring the latest versions of selected files and folders are synced and backed up to the AWP cloud, and made available to you and team members from any approved device.

Workplace Mobile for iOS and Android

Our award-winning Mobile App provides secure access to files and folders synced to the AWP service. Use the built-in editor to modify files and ensure security while being mobile.

Cloud Services

Workplace as a Service

WorkSpace is our Workspace as a Service solution that acts identically to the desktop you use today. The difference? Your workspace stays in the cloud. Simply access it from any connected device to work with your files and applications . . . from the road, at home, or when meeting with a client.

Quick & Easy Access from Anywhere

  • Access your desktop, files, and applications from all your devices.
  • Consistent user experience across your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Simplifies IT Management

  • Includes all OS, desktop, and application support and updates
  • Includes all IT infrastructure, storage, and data backup
  • Supports Bring Your Own Device
  • Allows for easy management of your IT network—end users, servers, and applications

Enhances Data Security & Business Continuity

  • Your applications, files, and desktops reside in our secure cloud environment: Our data centers are SSAE-16 Type II, TIA 942 Class 4, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley certified
  • Supports company disaster recovery plans by keeping all data secure and readily available

Your Desktop in the Cloud | It’s our desktop in the cloud, accessible from all your devices. From your workspace, you are connected to all your files and applications.

Line of Business Application Hosting | Microsoft Office 365

Email and Domain

Complete office in the cloud with Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 lets you access your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar from almost anywhere and any device. Designed to meet the needs of your business—from simple office needs to complex compliance requirements—Office 365 lets you choose which tools are right for you.

Email communication can be the lifeline of your business—more so than phone calls, text, or social media. An interruption in email function is chaotic and costly for your business. You need a reliable email platform, one you can count on to consistently deliver emails to clients, vendors, and contacts. We support a variety of email solutions for businesses such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Apps email platforms.

Spam, ransomware, and phishing are very real threats—and the primary way they get into your system is by email. As added layer of security and protection, we offer Solutiant Essentials on a low cost per user licensing. Spend more time on important things and less time and money managing your email platforms.

SOLUTIANT Essentials from Barracuda – Email Security and Archiving

Comprehensive cloud-based multi-layer email security, archiving and backup solution for Office 365, Exchange, and Google Apps. Low cost per user licensing.

  • Includes Barracuda Email Security Service and Advanced Threat Detection (ATD). These give you an easy, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution to protect against a broad range of email-based threats.
  • Protects your organization with comprehensive, scalable, and affordable multi-layer security and archiving whether you use on-premises email like Microsoft Exchange, or a cloud-based productivity suite like Google Apps for Work or Education.
  • Complete archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery solution. Capture and secure all email all the time it is sent and received, assuring an accurate, unmodified copy of every email.

Free Business Practice Assessment

Why Solutiant Offers Complimentary Business Practice Assessments

You have to be asking yourself why we perform basic network assessments at no cost and with no obligation whatsoever.

The truth is that 90% of computer networks that we analyze will have a potentially serious problem sitting undetected, waiting to create a data disaster. Solutiant has the technology that allows us to uncover these issues with a non-invasive scan that usually takes less than 30 minutes at your facility. There’s no installation of any software or diagnostic agents monitoring your system for hours on end.

There’s absolutely no cost to you or obligation to retain us. We know that if we find a serious problem hiding on your network, you’ll want to take immediate action to correct it, and you might need our help. It’s as simple as that.

About Our Best Practice Network Assessment

Solutiant employs a new approach using technology that is designed specifically for minimally invasive network assessments. Our software requires no agents to install. We simply run a small executable file on your domain server and are able to dive into the core configuration history files to extract:

  • user access data
  • security groups
  • computer services
  • MSSQL servers
  • web servers
  • time servers . . . and more!

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