Public Safety DAS

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Public Safety DAS

Public Safety DAS utilizing BDA technology provides enhanced two-way radio service via an antenna system. This ensures that our first responders can maintain wireless communications within a building during medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters and other life-threatening events.

There’s good reason that in many areas BDA’s are now a code driven requirement. During 9/11, firemen and police officers couldn’t communicate properly inside the World Trade Center. This triggered changes to the IFC and NFPA codes greatly improving communications for first responders ensuring their radios work wherever they go.

Many cities and counties in the US have enacted local ordinances and codes making in-building coverage for first responders mandatory. With these regulations every new building must meet a minimum level of first responder communication reliability as a condition for occupancy. It is the responsibility of the building’s owner or operator to have their building tested by a certified Public Safety DAS professional. If required, they must have a system installed and ensure it passes all code specifications. The counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade are requiring new building owners to provide uninterrupted radio coverage for police and fire departments. FBC, NFPA and IFC codes require the retrofitting of many buildings to meet certain criteria.

Public Safety DAS-879


Public Safety Signal Booster shall be installed as per NFPA 1-11.10. NFPA 70 and NFPA 72. Any such system installed on or after April 1st, 2016 shall be adaptable for 700/800 MHz P25 (association of public safety communications officials, project 25). The Installation and Wiring shall comply with the local municipality Building and Fire Departments permitting process and shall be approved by the local and county FCC Licensee prior to installation. The building owner shall install a public safety signal booster to meet this requirement if so directed.

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