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Video Managed Service

Don't worry about when and if your cameras are going to work when you need them. Let us take care of your video surveillance system for you while you focus on your core business.

Month to Month Care Plan

  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Discounted Hourly Labor Rate for MACs and Projects
  • Priority Scheduling for Maintenance, MACs, and Projects
  • Remote and Onsite Maintenance of NVR and Cameras
  • Access to Customer Care via Phone and Email
  • No Charge for "No Trouble Found" Service Calls
  • Assistance Working with 3rd Party Service Providers to Remedy Issues

CompleteCare ONE Plan

One monthly payment—and NEVER additional billing for anything.

Everything in Month to Month plan PLUS

  • FREE Repair or Replacement of Defective Equipment Includes Acts of God / Accidents
  • Preventative Maintenance Onsite Visit
  • Technology Refresh and Renewal
  • All Labor Included

Video Surveillance

Cameras are built with highest quality. We use Intel and Texas Instrument Davinci processors in the recorders and Ambarella and Texas Instrument processors in the cameras. Depending on the lower or higher end, lens we use Sony or Aptina. We always use the best surveillance grade hard drives!

Because it’s better, we can warranty it longer:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Our systems don’t fail much, but if they do, we’ll replace it— no questions asked!

Upgrading existing System? Check out some comparisons of Quality!

Cutting edge IT Company & Security in South Carolina
Cutting edge IT Company & Security in South Carolina

Did you know this about your employees?

  • 60% of inventory losses are caused by employees?
  • Businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft
  • 75% of employees steal from work and most do so repeatedly
  • 30% of corporate bankruptcies result from employee theft

Did you know this about shoplifting?

  • Nearly 300 million shoplifting incidents per year
  • Shoplifting is estimated to account for between 30–40% of retailers' lost profit
  • For every $1 recovered from retail theft, $31.74 is lost

Employee Training Tool

Video surveillance systems can be used to monitor employee behavior, not only for inventory loss issues, but for employee training as well. Catch you employees going something right and acknowledge it. Positive reinforcement will drive positive behaviors.

Prevent Harassment

Harassment in the workplace can take various forms and not all of it is reported. Complaints about harassment in the workplace are becoming more common. How do you know who’s telling the truth? Video surveillance systems can record both video and audio.

Prevent Vandalism

A properly placed security camera can deter many crimes, even up to 60% of petty crimes. If you monitor the outside of your property, cameras can help prevent vandalism.

Valuable Store Traffic Feedback

Want to know why some of your products sell better than other products? Monitor your store traffic. Find out what your customers see first. Monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your store will help you decide where to place products for better sales.

Cost Effective

The cost of video surveillance has fallen in recent years. In many cases, the cost of one observation system will be far less than the cost of one employee theft. Many homeowners are now implementing security cameras in their home to watch children, the elderly, the swimming pool, and more.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Video surveillance systems can potentially reduce your insurance premiums. Video surveillance systems can also protect insurance companies and businesses against false claims such as workman’s comp claims, harassment, liability, and slip/fall claims. Check with your local insurance agent for information.

Tax Benefits

Businesses are now allowed to deduct up to $250,000 in equipment purchases under section 179 of the tax code. This makes video surveillance system purchases 100% tax deductible for many companies. Check with your local CPA for more information.

All of the benefits lead to one thing . . . IMMEDIATE Return on Investment!

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Video Conferencing

Purchase your own system or rent our room!

Video Conferencing: a great solution for saving—and making—money.

Companies of all sizes can utilize video conferencing on a daily basis. Recent innovations such as cloud-based solutions and virtualized infrastructure make deploying video conferencing easier and more affordable than ever before.

Small and midsize companies usually have small IT departments consisting of one or two dedicated administrators. Video conferencing solutions are so easy to deploy, manage, and use that IT administrators will not have to worry about neglecting their other duties. Because of our simple and easy to use products, a large, dedicated IT team is not needed to deploy video conferencing solutions.

In many small and medium-sized businesses, staff members may not all live in one city or work at a single location. You may have a team distributed across the world or a large population of teleworkers. In order to better manage remote teams, consider HD video conferencing. By meeting face to face with your employees, you can improve productivity and collaboration, regardless of distance.

Cutting edge IT Company & Security in South Carolina
Cutting edge IT Company & Security in South Carolina

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